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Get details of wet scrubber system manufacturers, suppliers, exporters in Pune, Maharashtra. NDSR Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. Our products are available in different designs, materials, and sizes. Our wet scrubber system manufacturers in Pune have been manufacturing these systems since the year 2017 and are engaged in supplying them to various industries across India for over 5 years now.

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How to Install Wet Scrubber System?

Wet scrubber systems are used in the mining and construction industry. These systems are used to clean the earth’s surface of water, sand, and mud. The machines work by using a vacuum pump to suck up water from the ground and then discharge it back into the ground.

The machines can be installed in one of two ways:

  • 1. As a standalone machine - Which is self-contained within a truck or trailer that is driven by an operator
  • 2. As part of a larger system - Which consists of several such units that are connected by pipes or cables for easy maintenance

The first method is more common but requires more maintenance as it has to be cleaned on regular basis. In addition to this, it also requires additional labour costs as well. The second method is less expensive as the components can be installed in a much shorter time frame and requires no extra labour.

The Wet Scrubber System manufacturers, suppliers, exporters in Pune are an automated system that can clean up the environment and keep it clean. The system cleans up all kinds of waste, such as food, water, and waste products. This can help to save raw materials and energy in the industries.

A wet scrubber consists of an upper chamber with a filter, a lower chamber with an impeller, which is mounted on top of the upper chamber, and a pump to circulate water through the system. The impeller spins at high speed as it sucks up material from the product into its lower chamber.

The impeller is normally stationary and does not reach a high speed until it has been immersed in the water for a short period, this reduces splashback. A good wet scrubber will incorporate an anti-surge design to prevent damage to the impeller.

The main advantage of using wet scrubbers is that they can be easily cleaned and maintained. This makes it possible to keep them in good condition, which is important for industrial production processes and work environments where there can be lots of dust and dirt.

It is used in industries like food processing, mining, food packaging, oil refineries, construction, agriculture, cosmetics, food processing chemical plants, the automotive industry, etc.

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