Oil Mist Collector System

Oil Mist Collector Manufacturers in Pune, Suppliers and Exporters in Pune, Maharashtra, India, Russia, Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh, Dubai, UAE

Oil Mist Collector Manufacturers in Pune, Suppliers, Exporters in Pune, India

NDSR Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. is the leading Oil Mist Collector Manufacturers in Pune, Suppliers and Exporters in Pune, Maharashtra, India, Russia, Thailand, Dubai, UAE, Nepal, Bangladesh. Our oil mist collector is designed to capture and filter oil mist, aerosols, and smoke, in industrial or commercial settings.

Our oil collector can help improve air quality and worker safety in many environments, while helping to reduce the risk of fire and explosion from combustible gas and oil mists. These collectors typically feature a three-stage filtration system, including pre-filtration, coalescence filtration, and a final high efficiency filtration method.

These are often designed to be used in irregularly shaped or confined spaces, and offer adjustable mist and aerosol capture rates.

An oil mist collector is a device used in industries to effectively eliminate oil mist and fumes generated during various processes. It is use advanced filtration techniques to capture and separate microscopic oil particles suspended in the air, preventing their release into the surrounding atmosphere.

The oil mist collector plays a important role in maintaining a clean and healthy workplace by improving air quality, reducing the risk of respiratory issues, and preventing machinery contamination caused by oil deposition. With its efficient filtration capabilities, the oil mist collector enhances worker safety, promotes sustainable practices in diverse industries and prolongs equipment lifespan.

Improved Air Quality Management with Oil Mist Collector Devices

As a leading Oil Mist Collector System Manufacturers in Pune, The best available technology for controlling air quality is in our Oil Mist Collector Systems. These systems are designed with great care to perform well in a variety of industrial applications. Our Oil Mist Collector Systems are designed to meet the specific challenges faced by businesses in various regions, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and fostering a cleaner, healthier workspace.

Personalised Solutions for Global Sectors

As a Oil Mist Collector Systems Suppliers in Pune, our Oil Mist Collector Systems are tailored to meet the specific needs of different industries, whether it is the technological industry in the United Arab Emirates, the industrial hubs of Russia, the vibrant markets of India, or the diverse landscapes of Bangladesh and Nepal. We understand how important it is to regulate air quality, and our solutions are made to increase operational effectiveness and support the long-term viability of businesses in each place.

Advantages of Oil Mist Collector Systems:

Workplace Safety and Air Purification: Oil Mist Collector Systems key benefit is its capacity to preserve air purity by efficiently catching and filtering oil and coolant mists. This not only assures a cleaner working environment but also helps to improve workplace safety by lowering the risk of respiratory disorders among employees.

Machinery Longevity and Reduced Downtime: As a leading Oil Mist Collector System exporters in pune our oil mist collector systems help to extend the life of machinery by reducing the accumulation of oil leftovers.

Regulation Compliance: The construction of oil mist collector systems ensures adherence to occupational health and environmental regulations. These systems help organisations comply with industry standards and promote an ethical and sustainable industrial ecosystem by effectively capturing oil and coolant mists.

Enhanced Productivity and Tidy Workspaces: More productivity is directly related to a cleaner workplace. This is made possible by Oil Mist Collector Systems, which provide an atmosphere that is more structured and productive by eliminating oil and coolant residues from equipment and work surfaces.

Recyclable Coolants Save Money: Recyclable coolants are cost-effective because they may be separated and recycled, according to certain features of oil mist collector systems. This allows cooling fluids to be reused, which reduces waste and contributes to cost savings.

Features of Oil Mist Collector Systems:

High-Efficiency Filtration Technology: As a leading Oil Mist Collector System manufacturers in pune, our oil mist collector systems use high-efficiency filtering technologies, typically employing multi-stage filters. This ensures that the industrial air is continuously and fully cleaned.

Variable Speed Control for Energy Efficiency: Many modern oil mist collector systems come with the option of variable speed control. With this function, users may improve energy efficiency and save operating costs by modifying the system's operation according to production demands.

Compact and Modular Design: Being a leading Oil Mist Collector System suppliers in pune, these technologies adapt easily to different space constraints and industrial layouts, making them suitable for various machining and metalworking environments.

Simple Maintenance and Filter Replacement: User-friendly maintenance and filter replacement are given top priority in Oil Mist Collector Systems. Long-term continuous and dependable operation is ensured by easily accessible components and straightforward filter replacement procedures that minimise downtime.

Integrated Monitoring and Alerting Systems: As a top Oil Mist Collector System exporters in pune, our Oil Mist Collector Systems include integrated monitoring and alerting systems to enhance operational control.

Increased Productivity and Cleaner Air: As a leading Oil Mist Collector System manufacturers, suppliers, exporters in Pune, Maharashtra, India, Russia, Thailand, The United Arab Emirates, Nepal, and Bangladesh, you may enhance your air quality management strategy. Get in touch with us right now to talk about your specific industrial requirements and find out how our background can make your operations more profitable, successful, and clean.


1. Reduced operating costs – An oil mist collector reduces the amount of oil needed for production by removing oil particles from the air, resulting in lower overall costs and improved efficiency.

2. Better air quality – It helps to clean the air by removing oil particles and improving air quality in work areas.

3. Improved workplace safety – Removal of oil particles can reduce the risk of workers developing adverse health effects related to inhaling oil particles.

4. Enhanced production – By removing the oil particles from the air, machines can to work more efficiently without oil contaminants clogging the components.

Uses of Oil Mist Collector

1. Oil Mist Collector is used to collect oil mist from machinery coolants and lubricants.

2. It helps reduce the chances of dust explosions and the possibility of fire hazards caused by oil mist build up.

3. Our collector reduces worker exposure to oil mist fumes, helping protect worker health.

4. It helps improve air quality in the workplace.

5. It reduces maintenance costs associated with cleaning machinery.

6. It helps improve operational efficiency by removing contaminants from machining and grinding operations.

7. It helps reduce energy costs due to lower fan speeds.

8. Oil mist collectors are employed in metalworking processes like milling, drilling, and grinding to capture and remove oil mist generated during cutting and shaping operations.

9. They are used in manufacturing industries, such as automotive and aerospace, to control oil mist emissions from various production processes, ensuring a cleaner work environment.

10. Oil mist collectors help maintain air quality by extracting oil mist produced during heat treatment operations like quenching and tempering of metal parts.


  • 1. Why is an oil mist collector used?
    An oil mist collector is used to remove oil mist from the air. Oil mist is a type of air pollution that is created when oil is burned.
  • 2. How does a mist collector work?
    Our oil mist collector works by using a fan to suck in polluted air. The air is then filtered through a series of filters that remove the oil mist.