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As a Wet Scrubber System Manufacturers in Pune, It is a type of air pollution control device that works to remove dust, particulates, and gaseous pollutants from exhaust gases. It is typically used in conjunction with industrial processes, such as in manufacturing plants, power plants, and other large-scale facilities.

It is a device designed to remove harmful pollutants from industrial exhaust gases. It offers an effective and efficient solution for minimizing air pollution and ensuring a cleaner and safer environment and maintain Eco friendly environment.

A wet scrubber system utilizes a liquid (water) to capture and neutralize pollutants before they are released into the atmosphere so that they can not harm. The exhaust gases are passed through a specially designed chamber where they come into contact with the liquid. This interaction allows the pollutants, such as particulate matter, gases, and chemical compounds, to dissolve or react with the liquid, effectively removing them from the gas stream.

Additionally, wet scrubbers are known for their high pollutant removal efficiency, which ensures compliance with stringent environmental regulations. They are also capable of handling high gas volumes and fluctuations in pollutant concentrations, making them a reliable and robust pollution control technology.

Also, wet scrubber systems can be customized as per industry requirements. Factors such as gas flow rates, pollutant characteristics, and space limitations can be considered to design and implement a tailored solution.


• High efficiency – Wet scrubber systems can achieve removal efficiencies of 95% and higher for particles, providing effective dust control.

• Cost effective – Our systems are relatively inexpensive and energy-efficient, and the water for the scrubber can be re-circulated and reused, further reducing costs.

• Reliable – These are highly reliable and require minimal maintenance.

• Flexible – It can be customized to fit the needs and processes of almost any type of facility.


1. Wet scrubber systems are highly effective at removing dust particles, gasses, and other contaminants from the air.

2. It provides high-efficiency filtration of indoor air and can reduce the particulate concentration in the air.

3. These are relatively inexpensive to install and maintain, and they can reduce noise and improve workplace safety.

4. High Removal Efficiency: Wet scrubbers are highly effective at removing a wide range of pollutants, including dust, particulate matter, gases, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They can achieve removal efficiencies of up to 99%.

5. Versatility: Wet scrubbers can handle a variety of pollutants, making them suitable for diverse industrial applications. They are used to control emissions from processes like metal smelting, chemical production, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and more.

6. Odor Control: Wet scrubbers are effective at controlling odorous compounds. By reacting with the liquid in the scrubber, they help neutralize or remove unpleasant smells from industrial exhaust streams.

Why wet scrubber systems are used?

It is used to capture and remove particulate matter or gases from a process stream. These typically use liquid and a scrubbing medium to remove pollutants from an incoming gas stream.

These systems are typically used in applications such as power plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical and food production, and other industries with potential air pollutants.

Industrial Uses

Ö Dust Control and Particulate Removal: It can be used to capture and remove dust and particulate pollutants from a variety of industrial processes and emissions.

Ö Acid gas and odor control: It can also be used to remove acid gases such as sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, and hydrogen fluoride.

Ö Volatile organic compound (VOC) control: Wet scrubbers can be used to remove VOCs from the exhaust air.

Ö This wet scrubbers are use for various industries like power plants, metal refining, chemical manufacturing, and wastewater treatment facilities.

  • 1. How our wet scrubber system helps?
    Our wet scrubber system removes particulates from a gas or vapor stream by absorbing them into a liquid. Wet scrubbers are typically used in industrial settings to control emissions from factories or power plants.
  • 2. How do Wet Scrubber Systems work?
    Wet scrubbers work by using a liquid to capture and remove particulates from a gas or vapor stream. The particulates are typically absorbed by the liquid, which then collects them in a holding tank.